Sunday, 28 September 2014


Yesterday, I watched the Indian change of terrain, Khoobsurat - a colourful, entertaining, fun movie.

It's a combination of Indian Rathore royalty and cute faces with rejuvenating laughter.

The cast is succinct and relevantly selected.

Kiron Kher is irreplaceable. I admire her expertise with comedy characters as in Hum Tum and this one.

Sonam Kapoor aptly matched Fawad Khan. Their acting is commendable despite some affordable overacting by Sonam Kapoor.

Fawad Khan's nawabi role seemed to come easily to him. A neat success story for starters.

Likewise, the Rathore Rani character suited Ratna Pathak's charisma and authoritarian glare.

As the movie began, I felt Rani Sa would jump out of the screen to rebuke me for showing up 2 minutes late.

The uncles suited their assigned roles. And so did the siblings.

The songs were few, but good numbers. Enlivening, vibrant and well-performed.

Not to forget to mention Fawad Khan's distinctly peculiar red pants as evidently intended.

The movie, on the whole, is a good time-pass and light fun to watch with family and friends.

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