Saturday, 4 October 2014

Dreaded Little Monsters

The dreaded little monster creeps me out. It reminds me of shark attacks - unpredictable and outrageous, happening any time anywhere.

Error Picture is too ugly for displayThe scenario worsens when you spot the ugly creature, and then it disappears, out of sight but disturbingly not out of mind!

I find myself frantically screaming, "Where did it go?!"

"Is it behind the door? Or below the table... or in the crevice behind the cupboard?"

As it haunts and plays clever games, we wait in nervous excitement, wondering when and where it would attack from next.

Worse happens when the eminent danger stages an appearance overhead upside down. 

The sickening smart creature is viciously cruel. Why does it have to move against gravity, aggravating the fear of falling lizards.

I can hop about cockroaches, but I hate lizards sprawling on the floor. Flying cockroaches disgust me, and tend to outwit me with their sudden crappy moves, but the wild lizard is even more horrific.

If it weren't an important part of the food chain, I wouldn't have understood its existence around us.

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