Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Lack of Direct Transport Facilities to the Federal Capital

On one side, Islamabad is envied to be the pampered city of elitist government officials and foreign expats. On the other hand, the city receives dismal respect as a transport destination when it comes to transport facilities like airports, railway stations, and intercity bus rides.

Ironically, there was no airport or railway station envisioned for Islamabad when the planned city was built in 1960. Only the existent airport and railway facilities in the adjacent twin city, Rawalpindi were revamped to serve the capital as well.

Moreover, major bus services - though commendably thriving and serving by connecting major cities of Pakistan - continue to disappoint Islamabad's populace as they fail to provide uninterrupted bus service to Islamabad. For instance, even the celebrated Daewoo bus service does not drop passengers directly to Islamabad, ending its official journey till Rawalpindi leaving Islamabad passengers waiting for the next Daewoo shuttle to transport them to the federal capital.

These transport constraints pose inconvenience for the inhabitants of Islamabad. I pledge concerned authorities to take notice of the grievances of the populace, and promote direct transport facilities to Islamabad.

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