Thursday, 9 May 2013

Living Without Regrets

Life is a roller-coaster ride. Fun and thrilling, it has its ups and downs. In dismal moments, everything might seem to be screwed up. Decisions of the past that have led to unkempt outcomes might be seriously regretted. 

No RegretsAt such a point, life would horrendously come to a dreadful standstill with optimism crashing like the stock market and no vision for hope for the future. Life would become no less than a ceaseless chain of depression cycles - a ripple effect with one wave chasing another. The mocking despair would leave no purpose for life.

That is why one should not regret any of one's decisions. One should appreciate the acumen that was put in to take any choices in the past, and dynamically move forward, coping with any obstacles and challenges that come in the way. Sure, the futuristic vision should entail the cautious approach to not repeat mistakes. 

They say one should learn from mistakes, but then our nature entices us to pick the same options that we have always gone by with. However, a bad experience with a particular decision in the past might pave way for a different mindset to approach the same scenario in the future.

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  1. No wonder all our failures are called 'experiences'. One should only live with regret if it enables you to realize your mistakes and bring in you a positive change. Otherwise, regrets only waste time and energy. You cannot undo your past decisions so focus only on the present and make it better. Repentance goes away with time