Thursday, 9 May 2013

Make Life Worth Living

Happiness and Contentment
Life is a matter of choices. We all get the same twenty-four hours in a day. The way we make use of them is up to us.

Everyone has a different taste for enjoying life. Some are driven by sports. Some are driven by music. Some like to create. Some like to explore. Some let their imagination run wild. Idealistically, one should engage in activities that augment one’s bucket of happiness.

The correlation between contentment and specific activities varies from individual to individual. Some activities enliven us while some make us dull. For some, household chores such as cleaning and cooking drastically influence their level of satisfaction, while for some such activities would be a sheer waste of potential when more could be achieved in the same time. Some would feel more constructive if they have on their platter technical tasks or enterprising assignments that facilitate their learning and growth. Some might be honoured to offer their services for social welfare and development.

If one is engaged in work that one does not enjoy, one would not be content. The diminishing level of happiness would adversely affect the collective happiness of his surroundings. Great caution should be exercised in spending time wisely, for if man can waste time, time can also waste man. To live life to the fullest, one should live life doing what one is passionate about. One should undertake activities that lighten up one’s mood, and reflect as happiness both internally and externally on one’s soul. Those would be the passions one feels fervently about.

Passions do not thrive well in an aura of inhibitions and limitations. One should not be bound by one’s surroundings for doing what one wants. If one is constrained by one’s environment in ways that disable the individual from nurturing oneself, it would be a sad affair. In the social mesh that the world has intricately knit for us, we often have to compromise to accommodate the whims and wishes of those who matter to us. Inhibitions - be they socially-gifted restrictions or self-created silhouettes - bar an individual from living life freely. As someone once wisely said, “It is a characteristic of great people that they can just be, in the current moment, without worrying about the future or the past.”


  1. One of my favourite adages goes :"killing time can kill you"

    Much of what I read here I have thought of at various points in time. I have a few passions and a few inhibiting factors that serve to lower the intensity and tend to diminish the flame within.

    I liked reading this. You might want to revise the last paragraph though.

    1. Killing time can surely be killer!

      Thank you for your helpful feedback. I have removed elements that were out of sync with the primary discussion.