Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Causes of Terrorism in Pakistan

Terrorism in Pakistan
Once a peaceful and safe country, Pakistan has sadly become an intimidating land of disasters. Last week, a terrible blast explosion occurred in Lahore's popular and traditional Food Street in Anarkali that cost 3 precious lives and left several seriously injured. In another incident about a month ago, 8 foreign tourists were shot dead in the northern areas of Pakistan.

The terrifying terrorism stream in Pakistan can be attributed to certain reasons. These include explosive population growth, poverty, unemployment, Islamic religious schools, and a lack of vocational training institutes in the country. Let me explain how.

Population keeps on increasing year by year. Being a developing country with a large proportion of people living below the poverty line, the availability of basic resources is limited and insufficient to meet the needs of the existing population even. The situation becomes more precarious when human numbers keep on adding unchecked. In the midst of Islamic religious arguments, people do not allow for the use of family planning techniques. Many also believe that children are the poor man's only assets. Further, several families wish to have sons disregarding daughters for being burdensome.

A consequence of the rampant population growth is an increase in poverty. Poverty makes it challenging to acquire even the basic resources that are needed to sustain life. This is coupled with unemployment which aggravates the inability to support a family. Here, frustration and depression set in. These keep on escalating till they are eventually released through anger. Enraged with the sheer helplessness of not being able to support their families, people envy the privileged populace who are merrily enjoying their lives. Consequently, some of them decide to create havoc through terrorism to disallow fellow humans from being happy, taking a heavy toll on humanity.

Under the banner of Islam, people who cannot afford to feed their children often send them off to madrassahs (Islamic religious schools). Some people also send their children to madrassahs for religious enlightenment. However, some of these religious schools impart dangerous education about an austere and rigid form of Islam. Students may be brainwashed and convinced to believe false beliefs such as the killing of non-believers is justified in Islam. Some may provoke their students to engage in Jihad (Holy War) with a twisted explanation of the same. Madrassahs are often funded by people who hope to contribute towards a good cause but in fact are sponsoring terrorists.

Lack of vocational training institutes in Pakistan is also indirectly breeding terrorists. A hefty proportion of youth of the country is sitting idle. Under the dreary shadows of poverty and unemployment coupled with the absence of useful skills imparted by vocational training institutes, idle young minds are susceptible to engage in terrorist activities. The government should be prompted to seriously focus on establishing vocational training institutes all across Pakistan to put an end to terrorist facilitation platforms, and promote healthy distractions that would keep the youth occupied in constructive activities that would in turn help the economy.

Wish for a peaceful, safe and strong Pakistan.


  1. But you have been to a madrasah and confirmed that they impart dangerous education? This is just propaganda that the media is brainwashing us with. And because the majority of us are not from religious families, we have no idea what madrasas really teach and therefore will readily believe any lies that we are told about them. On top of that our own personal annoyance and grudges about things like "don't party like that" or "wear hijab" etc, these personal inclinations of our ego drive us into a subconscious preference towards ideas that condemn "overtly" Islamic symbols.

    CIA/Blackwater (now called Xe) infiltered Pakistan in 2007. This is around the same time that friends of mine in Swat started complaining about weird-looking foreigners lurking around the place, disguised as beggars and so forth. Is it a mere coincidence that the first suicide bomb exploded in 2007? Islamic madrasas have existed for centuries, then why the sudden "dangerous teachings"? How come suddenly in the past 5-6 they started preaching terrorism and breeding terrorists out of the blue?

    The fact is these are lies from the media that is funded to brainwash us, and those of us who have little to no first hand knowledge of madrasas or formal Islamic education - we fall for the trap. And what is the conclusion? Same old divide-and-conquer. The secular-religious divide in Pakistan is vastly deeper and more dangerous now then it was just a few years ago.

    I know about madrasas. I am studying the deobandi course. While I agree that the majority of Islamic schools are in a dismal state today, it has nothing to do with preaching terrorism, and more to do with just poverty and lack of resources and the fact that many who go for religious education are not capable of making it anywhere else and just hope to get a job as a muazzin or something and feed their families.

    However I can confirm to you that this "madrasas preach terrorism" is a blatant lie, a cruel hoax. Go to a madrasa yourself to confirm it. Only those who know more about Islam can tell you how big the media's lies are. Only if you had the slightest idea of what Islam really says would you ever be able to understand the enormity of the dishonest media propaganda and how it's designed to tear our country apart, to build distrust in the average Pakistan against Islam, and against people and ideas that are Islamic, all based on misconceptions.

    The Prophet (S) said that towards the end times, people would believe the liar, and consider those who speak the truth to be liars. We are definitely in that age today.

  2. Also, Allah did tell us in the Quran that every child is born in the world with its own Rizq. This is a fact. At one point one of my relative families were in serious financial crisis - they had nothing - no property no nothing and were also unemployed. At that time they had a child. And in order to have resources to bring up the child, Allah took their whole family out of poverty. Who do we trust? Our Creator's promises, etched for eternity in the timeless and universal Quran? Or the mere claims of a society with shifting trends?

    Do not kill your children for fear of poverty. We will provide for them and for you. (Quran: 17:31) not slay your children out of fear of poverty. We provide you and will likewise provide them with sustenance... (6:151)

    The Prophet (S) also said, "If Allaah wants to create (a child) you cannot prevent that." (Abu Dawood) - again something true - my cousin did whatever she could to not have kids but she still kept getting pregnant. Anyway I'm not making a blanket statement about what families should or shouldn't do.

    The point is simply, poverty is not caused by increasing population. There is plenty to go around.

    Poverty exists because the few who are rich are too selfish to allow the rest of the resources to go around. Otherwise it's a published fact that the world has enough to sustain way more than 7 billion people. And Pakistan is no exception. If more people paid their Zakat out of their wealth and not disguised it as corporate charities, and actively went out to seek poor families to support - as Islam tells us to - and if people didn't hoard wealth beyond their needs - as Islam tells us to - and if banking institutions were condemned and the economy was not based on interest (which sucks money out of the poor and hands it to the rich) and was instead based on Divine principles of wealth - maybe if these problems (which are the REAL problems) were solved, then there would no poverty. These are the real problems we should be worrying about.

    Haha wow I just discovered your blog and I'm like bombarding with comments. I hope you don't mind. My intentions are only for the sake of peace and prosperity for Pakistan, and all Muslims, and for a better world in general! :)

  3. Remember we're a targeted country. We can't have suddenly given birth to terrorists out of nowhere in the past 6 years, conveniently soon after 9-11, before which "terrorism" wasn't the global problem it is today. The people in Pakistan and the world in general are the same as they were a few years ago before 911 and before CIA entered Pakistan in 2007, we didn't all just suddenly genetically mutate and convert into terrorists.

    Much of the terrorism is exaggerated by the media, and much is foreign intervention to provoke civil war. Yes people are turned into suicide bombers, but it's not because of the "Islamists" - if there is such a thing. It's drugged, poverty-stricken people, usually with mental problems and no other way out in life, who're bought and sold in this business to the profits of others. None of which has anything to do with madrasas.

    UNFORTUNATELY, our schools do NOT teach us about interventionist aspects of history and political manipulation. And because we're surrounded by a media that says otherwise, we believe it. But if you research on global politics as it is funded by certain groups of globalists, you will discover that Pakistan, Yemen, Sudan, Libya, Syria, Egypt and a few other countries have long been on their list of targets - and that the internal state of these countries is deteriorating exactly as they planned. (Sudan just split up a couple of years ago, right?) You will also discover WHY these countries are targeted. You will also note that the most targeted countries are Muslim. You will also note that the loaning and financial schemes run by the IMF and other global bodies help forward the destruction of these countries according to predetermined policies. The supposed "Islamic terrorism" in Pakistan is only part of a much larger war going in the world.

    Until we wake up to the deeper reasons behind the problems in our country and the world - we will continue to blame our own brethren and readily take ourselves to our own destruction.

    Since our schools today teach us virtually nothing of long term value for the benefit of our nation, apart from how to get a job, please watch this, only 5-min from an old interview of a KGB expert on how to subdue a nation:

    If you were powerful, had no conscious, and lots of money, and were trying to subdue a nation - controlling their media and educational systems to ensure events unfold as you plan - that would not at all be outside of line. And it really is not for the globalists who're waging the wars.

  4. Another reason is many "anonymous' apologists for killers,those who give them an aura of freedom-fighters.The real Islam is hijacked by backward-thinking mullahs and their supporters.

  5. The unending battles all over the globe really is what caused poverty.