Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Superstitions Unveiled

Tuesday days of the weekMy grandmother's weird hunches about associating certain things as peculiar is fascinating. She feels spooky with red colour. She once asked me to wrap myself around to conceal the red colouration of my clothes. I thought her fancy superstition was a one timer. However, in the next encounter, she asked my husband to avoid being prominent in public with the red T-shirt as she felt bad vibes in relation to the same. Likewise, Tuesdays are a dreaded affair for her. She would try to avoid undertaking any venture on a Tuesday.

Numbers are a worrisome story as well. 13 is the typically dreaded number. If someone is travelling on a Tuesday or a 13th, she would insist to change the travel plans. If the two coincide, it would be the height of intimidation. Gladly, the fears associated with the Western 'Friday the 13th concept' are mitigated by the contrary Islamic religious element that reveres Friday. Consequently, Fridays are treated to be more safe and less scary. In fact new dresses, new perfumes and new ventures are usually inaugurated on Fridays.

I also tend to be superstitious at times. Breaking of a glass gives me the creeps. Spooky stories of a mysterious crack in a mirror makes me feel eerie. In the past, odd numbers - particularly the number 13 - played their enigmatic effect. While changing the volume of the television remote, I used to scuff along the number chain to get even results and safely miss 13. Ironically, now odd numbers including 13 have become a fancy preference in some odd ways. Likewise, 7 feels to be lucky. I keep drawing 7 from mathematical operations on the various digit combinations that I keep coming across.

So superstitions seem to be weird beliefs that one tends to develop along with time. They may change and turn topsy turvy or strengthen on their own accord.

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  1. but do these superstitions have ever really effected the life????? coz we always say dont wear this or that will happen, dont select this number or that will be the consequence etc... so has anyone experienced "that"????