Saturday, 30 August 2014

The Gun Game

Spiral Black and WhiteGuns have always scared me. I associate them with violence and danger.

Yesterday, I came across a nerve-racking news story that showed some Afghan people wearing scary all-black clothes and horrific black masks. They were holding huge guns steadily and sternly as if ready to fire away. Their masks depicted possibility of some poisonous gas explosion..

My imagination stream was interrupted as closer analysis of the available information revealed that these people were, in fact, firing paint-balls instead of bullets! What an odd and unexpected relief!

In the desolate setup of Afghanistan, where there is violence, despair and melancholy, it is difficult to comprehend that people with guns can fire fun paint-balls instead of killer gunshotsOne game spills the cheerful colours of life while the other brutally devastates everything.

It is indeed amusing and unbelievable to find that a fun game can be played with the dreaded-weapons-of-mass-destruction look-alike!

The link below leads to the afore-mentioned news story:

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