Sunday, 24 August 2014

The Journey from Tea-with-Sugar to Without and Back

Marriage is about companionship. Yet, it is also about making choices and compromises.

I boarded the marital status with no notion of what was going to come forward. I cherished and celebrated solely one concept: the idea of companionship.

I looked forward to share my life and experiences with someone, and simultaneously experience and share someone's life with me.

Walking together called for several changes. While some assimilations happened unnoticed, some traits stayed starkly different. Yet, there were a few attributes that were located in middle ground, and could be worked around.

One amusing small change happened to concern tea. Before marriage, I used to have tea with milk and sugar. My husband, on the other hand, enjoyed sugarless tea with little milk.

I found that to be peculiar. I could not comprehend dull, sugarless tea. My husband justified his liking by saying that sugar, in fact, spoilt the taste of tea, and camouflaged its actual essence.

I wanted to earn the satisfaction of doing the same thing. Inspired to try the change, I started having tea without sugar. I grimaced grudgingly in the beginning, but gradually developed a taste for sugarless tea.

Sugarless tea was also motivated by the lesser-sugar-lesser-calories argument. Further, the simplification made tea preparation more quick and convenient with no sugar input or stirring needs.

After settling into married life and getting better accustomed to major and minor changes, I started to miss the sugar in my tea together with scores of habits that I had to forgo. This one, however, was sweetly reversible. After all, I still believe that some sweetness in tea makes tea more pleasantly drinkable.

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