Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Dictionary: A Dependable Companion

Dictionary Lexicon Magnifying glass
The dictionary is an amazing treasure-house of words. It reveals the wonders and beauty of a vast language by connecting people to an affluence of new words and ideas. Browsing the rich resource can be light-hearted fun as it brings one in contact with realms of succinct knowledge that can have truly empowering consequences.

The importance and usefulness of a dictionary is strategic. My grandfather used to advise us that whenever we pick up a dictionary, we should make it a habit to see the two adjacent words above and below the searched element. That way, we would get to know the meaning and usage of two other words as well.

In addition, whenever a person comes across a new word, one should look up its meaning. The next time that word appears, one should make sure to know what the word means. It is also beneficial to use new words in sentences that highlight the word's meaning, aiding memory retention. Incorporating such practices as regular habits can, in fact, be self-rewarding.

It is always useful to keep a dictionary close at hand. Nowadays, life has become easy indeed with the internet and the mobile phone granting quick access to various dictionaries. As we read newspapers and articles, it is always handy and gratifying to have immediate access to a dictionary to look up a word or phrase that we are uncertain about.

Similarly, as we type away and feel the need for stronger vocabulary or grammatical correction, we can input our queries into the search engine and generate spontaneous results. Often, it is appreciated if one uses a rich clout of words profusely but appropriately in writing. The dictionary and it's counterpart, the thesaurus, are pretty helpful in this domain, guiding the writer how to express ideas coherently and explicitly.

Even after preparing for vocabulary assessment tests such as the SAT and GRE, there is an abundance of words in the English language that I do not know. Every brief while, I come across words that are new for my eyes. In addition, several words with peculiar spellings appear before me that I would not have otherwise considered to mean anything meaningful. Besides enriching my word database, knowledge supplements of the kind enormously help me in fond word games such as Boggle and Scrabble as well.

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