Saturday, 15 June 2013

Privacy Perturbed

No PrivacyWith several members from each family living abroad missing out on weddings, birthdays and other colourful festivities back in their home towns, there come innocent requests of the lonely souls out there to share with them the merry happenings going around down here.

Desperate to help, such families strive to share across the miles the moments of joy as much as possible. They attempt to do so by capturing the moments in rampant camera clicks. The captured camera contents would later be translated onto social media for subsequent sharing. 

With the irrefutable excuse of sharing the pictures with the foreign moved Pakistani relations, the assigned photographer gets down to business. Some people are requested to arrange themselves in groups and pose for the camera. At other times, the amateur photographer clicks the camera device without giving former notice even.

Some among the audience are camera-friendly and enjoy being part of such carefree conduct. However, some of the captives are camera-shy and some are conscious about the outcome of the snapshots. Yet, no matter how finicky and particular the photographer would be about her own pictures, she wouldn't care as much about whether each individual - among the whole lot of people whom she pleadingly captured in her device - was satisfied with their appearance in the photographs.

Ultimately, these pictures are uploaded on social media, blatantly exposing them to zillions of eyes. The onlookers include all people who have access to the uploader's photographs: friends, friends of friends and sometimes strangers even. After all, not everyone bothers to carefully adjust privacy settings on these revealing media instruments contrary to what the case should be.

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