Sunday, 9 June 2013

Friends - The Circle of Life

Friends complete my circle of life.
Friends are a blessing. One lives with them through the innocent days of childhood and youth. One gets to know them deeply without fabrication. One trusts them to understand where one is coming from. One can count on them in times of need and distress. One has faith in their wisdom and insight, and looks up to them for guidance and advice.

An aunt once asked me if I were a person with few friends or many. I shared the abundance I had earned over the years. She believed that having a few good friends was a more intelligent choice. Different perceptions and experiences I guess.

I have always loved making friends. Friends just happen around me. In tender days, I had been enthusiastic at remembering birthdays. Many admired that trait of mine. The ones I could relate to evolved to be great friends. 

I have it in me to keep in touch with people. Thanks to communication media, maintaining friendships has become quite convenient. The popular internet and mobile phone technology has enabled messages to be relayed across miles within seconds. Yet, not everyone has the temperament to make such simple efforts.

Then there came a time when I thought I had too many friends. I wanted to be fair to all my friends. I wanted to do justice to the time and energies I could award each friend. So I wished for no more. But destined friendships continued to sprout despite my plans. 

Today, I happen to be surrounded by a safety net of friends. The diverse circle I have built over the years makes me feel secure and happy. We treasure the rich smiling memories we have amassed over the years. I have always been proud of my friends. My friends complete my circle of life.


  1. It's funny that I read this today because a few hours ago I was floored by a comment a friend of mine made about a project. She had participated in it and had been harder to work with than I expected, then suddenly turned to straightforward insults. It was shocking because she had been someone I always could count on in the past. People were surprised by her reaction, saying she was jealous, but when I argued I'd never seen her behave like that before, the conclusion was she never had been jealous of me before. I found this post oddly inspiring in a way, despite being exposed to a fake friendship, so I'm glad I read it. Thank you!

  2. and I am so happy to be part of that circle, Sarah..much love *hugs*