Thursday, 20 June 2013

The Pain of Pain Killers

Pain Killers
I do not like Panadol. I don’t like medicines on the whole but I surely and truly do not like Panadol.

Everyone says either take two Panadols or none. I already don’t like the single huge chalky tablet that arduously makes it down my throat column. Taking two is self-evasive!

We were on our way to a far-off island for our vacation trip when I started complaining of tiredness and lethargy. The symptoms began to set in too much and too frequently without any evident reasons besides nominal travel exhaustion.

So my husband made me swallow Panadols in pairs every few hours to set me right, hoping to proceed comfortably with our travel itinerary. Who could have guessed that I was suffering from Hepatitis A - a surprise revealed by my yellowing eyes a few days later.

The Panadols had been cruel to my already swollen and afflicted abdominal organs. Nevertheless, time, rest and plenty of water gradually healed my agony in some weeks.

The whole long trying ordeal made one thing painstakingly clear: Panadol and the liver are strictly at odds with each other in case of hepatic diseases. In such peculiar scenarios, if the two interact, nothing but disaster can be expected to ensue.

Recently, I learned another golden principle. Some formulations of pain killers are not recommended for a person who has a fractured bone.

It has been commonly observed that the composition of several pain killers interferes with the bone-healing process. Consequently, intervention of such medication slows down the natural remedial action actuated by the human body, thereby decelerating the normal recovery cycle.

Painkillers can be painful indeed.

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