Sunday, 30 June 2013

The Vitamin D Deficient Pakistanis

sun sunlight Vitamin D deficiency Pakistan
In recent years, there has been much talk about Vitamin D deficiency in this part of the world. This comes as a surprise in view of the ample amount of sunshine that is rampantly available across Pakistan. The duration and intensity of sun rays received by this country stand unmatched to several countries around the world.

Moreover, even the flimsy sheer piece of clothing material that we wear does not seem to be a visibly strong barrier to stop sun rays from triggering Vitamin D production in the body.

While discussing the Vitamin D deficiency parameter, a relative explained that the human body needs to receive sunlight on the shoulders and upper arms for Vitamin D synthesis and subsequent calcium absorption.

I found this amusing. I quickly related this to the profusion of sleeveless ready-to-wear clothing that floods the markets in Pakistan. Maybe the Vitamin D deficiency and sleeveless popularity are related in some odd undisclosed way.

The sleeveless trend has been there since a couple of years now. Some shopkeepers give the option of selling unattached sleeves with the dress for the purchaser to attach as per convenience and liking.

Of late, the availability of sleeveless varieties in the local markets is astoundingly growing popular in contrast to the Islamic nature of the social stream of the country. It is amazing that while on one side people are going for the wholly concealing dresses such as abayas and head scarves, a notable size of people demand clothes less the sleeves.

Perhaps with the increasing number of Vitamin D deficient cases, sleeveless and backless clothes would gradually build a legitimate human rights case to save the Pakistani populace from the impeding dangers of Vitamin D deficiency. Who knows!

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