Wednesday, 19 June 2013

The Mobile Blessing

Mobile Phones
The mobile phone is a miraculous wonder. It brings together worlds miles asunder. The gadget is one of the most useful inventions of modern times. Besides its regular phone facilities, its additional features have been technically elevated to provide functions that might have been unthinkable to expect from one device.

Providing global connectivity, this amazing technological creation links people through social media platforms within seconds, and enables them to communicate with one another by using applications like Facebook, Skype, Viber, Facetime, and Whatsapp. Its camera apparatus tries to capture moments in photographs and video clips that can be subsequently shared with the internet world without delay.

The friendly gadget serves as a torch to read and light the way. This comes handy in frequent spells of power shut downs. It also acts as a compass and a map to guide physical movements. Simultaneously, its own location coordinates can be tracked by the orbiting satellites or terrestrial cell sites that is it connected with.

The device becomes an alarm to give wakeup calls, and a calendar to aid memory that stalls. These efficiency enhancers allow room for people to get better organised. However, these check-lists and reminders also increase dependency on such aids and reduce reasons for people to improve their own memory skills.

The mobile phone spreads a safety net by keeping its users approachable for all. On the contrary, this same trait can become a nuisance if it starts to disrupt one's privacy, undesirably intruding one's personal space and independence.

A warehouse for music, news, books and games, the mobile phone provides easy access to entertainment. It instantly reports news from around the world. Further, interactive games serve as exciting learning experiences especially for young minds who are allured by colourful, animated interfaces.

Over time, the acquisition of mobile phones and mobile phone services has become more convenient and affordable. The ever-growing network of mobile subscribers is a true representation of the popularity of the mobile phone and its cherished blessings.

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