Sunday, 23 June 2013

The Proposal Extravaganza

The trauma of going through multiple proposals to arrange a marriage is intense. Families continually meet different faces and styles till they eventually encounter success.

Typically, a middleman coordinates the initial meet up. The two parties awkwardly sit in the same setting. They introduce themselves, and then look for common subjects to toss around.

In the midst of general conversations, they try to dig out common connections. If it makes through the first stage, avenues are set up for further interaction.

Among these, an interview is scheduled with the boy. He is drilled with specific questions targeting his academics and career plans. The girl's father wants to determine how financially stable and settled the person is to take care of his daughter.

The girl's parents are naturally protective about their daughter. They meticulously scrutinize information about the potential suitor and his family, carefully amassing all possible details.

On the other hand, the girl is asked generic questions. A bit about her education, a bit about how she enjoys spending her time. If she works somewhere, that adds to the list of topics for discussion.

The family usually assesses a girl for her looks and socialising traits. In addition, her personal interests in cooking, reading, shopping, travelling, etc. may be probed.

When the prospective family leaves, a post-interaction meeting is called to gather everyone's feedback. All positives and negatives are listed. Tendencies for compatibility between the girl and the boy and the families are judged.

Generally, assessments are made on the basis of physical appearance, personality, family background, habits, tastes, expectations, attitudes, lifestyle, inclination for assimilation, financial standing, and so on and so forth.

Then the final verdict is passed: to proceed with the proposal or not. If things feel good and comfortable, it calls for celebration! Else, one chapter closes and another is initiated.

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