Saturday, 8 June 2013

The Ant

The Ant
I noticed a small ant on the floor. It was trying to drag a lump of sugar twice its size across a rough concrete pavement. For its minuscule structure, the path seemed to be a series of tumbling hills and mountains. 

As it struggled to move along frantically, it floundered several times and dropped the sugar lump now and then. But the resilient little thing stayed persistent in its efforts.

I could see where the ant was and where it had started. I could see the vast distances of nothingness around it. Apparently, there seemed to be no home anywhere near. I wondered where it intended to go and how it could cover the remote distance with the huge sugar rock on its back. Yet, the ant steadfastly kept on trying to deliver the food earnings to its home.

That might be how God sees us all as well. Though we cannot see the entire canvass, He knows our entire set-up. He knows where we started and where we are heading. We are the small ants in the enormous space that we cannot see all together. We meet ups and downs along the path of our lives. We see huge mountains of difficulty and dread them. We embark upon our journey through the rough tides of life. We stumble and fall but then gradually learn to muster the courage to stand up again.

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