Friday, 21 June 2013

Results: A Make-or-Break Situation

Examinations have always been a testing ordeal. Receiving results has not been an easy task either. Be they school grades, SAT scores, or medical reports, dealing with results has always been a heart-throbbing affair.

examinations Some academic and professional appraisals are reported several weeks after the exams. By that time, memory of the actual act has either jumbled up or faded away. The ambivalent expectations indicate that the result can be anything on the merit scale: good or bad, pass or fail.

On the contrary, some computer-based assessment tests of the modern times mercilessly display the scores as soon as one hits the 'Submit' button. I find that to be ruthless. The poor test-taker is already struggling to cope with the austerity of the examination ambiance when on top of all things he is scandalised with the promptly displayed test results.

Several educational institutions have devised intricate information technology systems for better management of student evaluation records. All results are transcribed onto the system which organises each student's academic assessments into easy-to-read data sets. As a student cautiously logs on to the network to access his mark sheet, time critically slips away bringing the onlooker closer to crucial make-or-break moments. Eyes hover over the computer screen anxiously hoping for presentable results to unveil.

No matter how the examinations had proceeded in the real-time exam scenario, prayers are earnestly pleaded to avoid awkward predicaments and embarrassing situations. Some people believe that prayers and luck can alter the nature of results. That is why people often wish good luck and prayers to the ones who are undertaking a new challenge as they have faith that the well wishes would twist and turn the fate of things for the better. Similarly, some people choose to increasingly engage in charity and other acts of kindness anticipating reciprocal generosity from nature in return.

In addition to academic and professional assessments, indispensable medical tests conducted for critical investigations of the human body are of crucial importance. Systematic medical examination is initiated on the basis of signs and symptoms experienced by a patient. Consequently, medical tests are prescribed to meticulously investigate the underlying cause of concern. These may include blood tests, Computed Tomography (CT) scans, biopsy tests, ultrasound examinations, and more. Receiving the results of such tests is a formidable task as they might reveal distressing realities and indicate whether or not one lies in the 'safe zone'.

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